Wish Lists

In order to keep better track of gift giving, I have moved our wish lists to Amazon:

That way, when you buy something, Amazon marks the item as purchased (so you don’t have to worry about duplicate gift-giving, or checking with us first.)  If you buy something that is on the list, but not actually from Amazon, you should still be prompted to check off the purchased box (if not, go back into the list and check it, or contact me). So feel free to buy from your local stores, just check the purchased box on the Amazon list when you’re done.

The kids have suddenly grown and are in need of winter clothes.  Violet: shirt/dress sizes: 14-16, pants: 12-14, shoes: 4, Graham: clothes size 8, shoes — size 3

They always love books, art supplies (not kits), and games.  We are really trying to keep down the clutter and focus on *activities* instead of *things*.  Violet also requests earrings for her new pierced ears and hair clips for her new hair-do.

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