Top 4 reasons we're (trying) to move abroad

Top 4 reasons we’re (trying) to move abroad

 4.  Coordinating our mid-life crises.   If I had my way, my mid-life crisis would probably be me packing up my family and living off the grid in the woods somewhere, gardening and not answering the phone.  If Rob had his way, he would quit his job and lock himself in a recording studio, leaving […]

new job

new job

No, I haven’t found a new career, sadly.  (One of the goals on my overzealous sabbatical year To-Do List.)  What I did find last fall is a job.  A satisfying job.  A very part time, low paying job, but it’s just right for this particular time in our family life. I work for Little Helping Hands.  LHH […]