Is Botox in my future?

Is Botox in my future?

I don’t mind my new wrinkles. Really, I don’t. But a couple of them are starting to cause misunderstandings. Exhibit A: I swear I am not scowling angrily at my 12-month-old for wanting a drink. I’m trying to help him use a straw so he doesn’t dump ice water on himself. I’m just concentrating! Geez! […]

poor baby

poor baby

We discovered Graham had an ear infection at his 1 year check-up. I had suspected as much for a week or so, and it didn’t seem to be getting any better, so we put him on antibiotics for the first time. A week later he broke out in a rash. Painful looking red bumps all […]



My brother cracks me up. How did he know that Graham wants to be a crime boss when he grows up? Here’s the original.

the Truth

the Truth

Remember when I said that vacationing with 2 kids is 25% fun and 75% hard work? Well, I think it holds true for parenting in general. Of course, the fun is BIG FUN, so I guess that makes up for the hard work, right? But when you’re in the throws of, say, the above picture, […]


Yup. It’s an infection. So now… seven more days of antibiotics, another pee sample and an appointment for the ultrasound and VCUG procedure. The results could come back positive for some kind of kidney or bladder problem. But most likely it’ll be vesicoureteral reflux, which is basically when the urine washes backwards a bit from […]

My life is flashing before my eyes...

My life is flashing before my eyes…

…in our dining room. Recently Rob imported our old digital camera photos into the slide show screen saver we constantly have running. This made me surprisingly happy. Before this, the slide show was mainly of Violet, the most well documented child on the planet. But our old camera came with us during our travels in […]

not the mailman's

not the mailman’s

Okay, so some think it’s a bit suspect that we have a blonde little girl living in our house. But the boy… well, just look:

Experiment in Brevity

Experiment in Brevity

It’s 10:45. Both kids are asleep. There is a mountain of laundry I could tackle, but… yuk. How about this instead: What Graham is doing: He smiles and gurgles. He’s still very laid back but is getting more insistent on being held at all times. Last night he slept for five and a half hours! […]

36 Weeks...

36 Weeks…

… or 37. I’ve lost count. In any case, The Boy will be arriving soon-ish. Anyone care to make a guess as to the exact date/time? Whoever is closest will win fabulous prizes. His official due date, as you may recall, is April 22nd. Keep in mind that Violet was born two days after her […]

Don’t forget to VOTE.

I mean, seriously.  In Korea election day is a holiday.  We should do that here; then maybe people would actually show up at the polls.  Just go.  You get a sticker… and maybe a cookie.