here we go...

here we go…

Monday is the big day.  The big K.  Kindergarten.  We started getting into The Routine this week.  We’ve got a morning chart.  We’ve got supplies.  We’ve met the kids, principal, teachers, parents.  She’s ready.  I’m ready.  But is kindergarten ready for Violet? I can’t really fathom what a huge change this is going to make […]

language aquisition for the 2nd kid

language aquisition for the 2nd kid

(Today’s post is brought to you by my amazing husband and mother-in-law who have taken the kids out to let me get some things done.) We’ve been trying to teach Graham sign language, really we have.  But it’s a much more difficult task when your hands are busy doing something for the first born child.  […]

He walks!  (and other updates)

He walks! (and other updates)

Four days after his first birthday Graham took his first solo steps: into the arms of a daycare staff member at the health club. Sigh. Okay, I’m a little bitter. I stay at home with the kids, in part, to be able to see these milestones myself rather than get a report from a third […]

what they're doing now

what they’re doing now

Graham declared that he could no longer sleep in his tiny co-sleeper — or with us — since our tossing and turning and breath-checking was keeping him awake. And to prove it, he slept in his room in his crib ALL. NIGHT. LONG. That’s right, people, from 9 p.m. to 6:30 a.m. (Of course I […]