post-Christmas converstation

Scene:  Tucking Graham, age 8, into bed.

Graham:  So why doesn’t Santa put anything in you and Daddy’s stockings?

Cheris:  I don’t know… I guess because we’re grown-ups.


Graham:  Does Santa put anything in drunk people’s stockings?

Cheris:  Ummm… drunk kids?

Graham:  No!  Drunk grown-ups!

Cheris:  Well… I don’t think so… they’re still grown-ups.

Graham:  But, you told me that people get drunk so they can feel like kids.

Cheris:  Oh!  Right… Um…  I don’t think Santa works that way.


Cheris:  Should I get drunk next Christmas and find out?


2 responses to “post-Christmas converstation”

  1. Granny

    Ha! I love that boy so!!

  2. Granny

    I miss this boy!

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