front garden bed border

Summer heat and travel plans thwarted any attempt at finishing my work on the front garden bed last year.  Still, at least it didn’t look like this any longer:


But after the weather finally cooled down to the high 80’s, low 90’s (that’s in late October, for you Yankees) I jumped in again.

When we last left off, the front walk was finished:


But the front garden bed was just kind of an undefined blob.  I decided to use the old flagstones I had dug out of the ground to separate the grass from the plants.  So, many days of digging and lining with landscape cloth…

DSC_3938.NEF-001  DSC_3940.NEF DSC_3942.NEF-001…and filling with crushed granite.  I decided to use granite instead pea gravel, since we don’t have the drainage problem in this area.DSC_3943.NEF-001  DSC_3946.NEF DSC_3947.NEFI highly recommend listening to podcasts while doing yard work.  This portion of home maintenance was brought to you by Serial.  DSC_4238.NEF-001    DSC_4242.NEF  DSC_4245.NEF-001 DSC_4246.NEF

DSC_4239.NEF-001Not too shabby for an amateur using leftover materials, eh?


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  1. Granny

    Wow!!! That looks fantastic!! Isn’t it such satisfying work?

  2. Grampa and Gramma

    Not too shabby at all! Looks great!!

    Dad L

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