To-Do Tuesday: Corner of Shame

Hidden in our yard, far away behind the shed, is my Corner of Shame:

But the truth is even more tragic when you realize that  it used to look like this:

I know, I know. (And apologies to my Dad, who was in the trenches with me, digging out mulberry stumps for days.)

After I moved the sandbox to the play area, this empty corner became a magnet for the detritus of all my other projects.  It was beyond my control.  And, since it is literally out of sight, well, you get the idea.

Shame was less of a motivator than need, however.  I needed a new compost system.  This one was NOT doing it for me:

I mean, it was a fine (free) bin, but I had to have somewhere to start another one while this pile cooked.  Plus, since it was tucked between the back of the shed and the fence, I didn’t have enough room to swing my shovel.

The corner formerly known as Sandbox, was a perfect location for my new system.  I just needed to erase The Shame.  Thankfully, October proved to be slightly cooler than hell, so I got to work.

Just to review, this is what I was up against:

Now, to construct the new bin system.  I had a few pallets leftover from my playhouse project, a few planks I salvaged from a neighbor’s old fence and some hardware cloth leftover from the chicken coop.   Cordless screwdriver, leftover hardware and viola!  An almost free compost system.*

One side gets all the kitchen scraps, chicken poop, leaves, garden debris and weekly mixing until it reaches about 3 feet high and wide.  Then I let it sit for a couple months or so (with weekly stirring).  Meanwhile, I start the process on the other side.  When the first pile is almost done I stick it in the compost tumbler as a final mixer.

*I got this one half off through the city rebate program.  (Downsize your curbside garbage can and Austin will subsidize a compost bin).

Confession and penance done.  Now I am shame-free.  Until next week.

4 responses to “To-Do Tuesday: Corner of Shame”

  1. Mom/Granny

    You are so awesome!!

  2. Cecil

    Hmmm…I don’t remember you bring raised Catholic!?!?!
    I second your mom’s notion – you’re awesome!

  3. Cecil

    …that was “being” raised Catholic… 🙂

  4. Dad L.

    Great job. If it gets any larger as time goes by, don’t let it go up against the wood fence. Ours did and rotted out the fence.

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