garden candy cane

Hello blog.  It’s been a while.  I just popped in to share something seasonal from the garden.  The kids actually discovered this.

Last year I put in a stevia plant with high hopes of harvesting and drying the leaves in case the zombie apocalypse leaves us without sugar.  Of course I have not accomplished that task, mostly because the kids strip the plant bare.  It really is very sweet and, clearly, a hardy plant.  I don’t baby it at all.

So the other day the kids excitedly told me they had invented a candy cane and called me over to the veggie beds.  There they picked a stevia leaf, then picked a mint leaf, put them together and popped them into their mouths.  I had to try it.

YUM.  It’s like eating Christmas. But healthy.

You’re welcome.

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  1. Mom/Granny


  2. GrandmaAVL

    What an amazing recipe they created! Do they watch the cooking channels? Of course, it helps if you have V’s sweet tooth 😉

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