a Bloom Day mystery

A mystery plant for your bloom day this month.  (No, I’m not a garden blogger, I just pretend to be on the 15th of each month… if I remember… or have time…)  What the heck is this?  No, not the Henry Deulberg sage in front.  Not the desert willow in back.  Not the purple coneflowers on the right.  Not the… um… other coneflowers on the left.  There, in the middle.  That giant thing that I DID NOT plant.

I know that this is a cigar plant, cuphea.  It really struggled all summer.  I think my soil has way too much clay for the poor thing.

This is the lovely Russian sage, which I was skeptical about since anything named after a place near the Arctic circle could not possibly do well here.  I was thankfully wrong.

Same with the Tropical sage.  I assumed it would need more water, but it just keeps blooming.  I did trim it back mid-summer, which it seemed to love.

I know lantanas are so last decade, but man, are they easy.

Dutifully spilling over into the path, as per my plan.

The mistflower bush is about to explode.  I’m a little bit giddy with anticipation.  Apparently it will smell lovely and attract a zillion butterflies.

My fall asters are bursting, as if trying to make up for the copper canyon daisies next to them that are withering away.  (I blame the cat)

And I love the guara, although mine have decided to lay flat.  Today I propped them up with rocks at the base. That’s a bit pitiful, really.

Fortunately, you can’t kill blackfoot daisy or bulbine.  Believe me, I’ve tried.

The moss verbena require nothing of me…

…which is more than I can say for our other resident gardener.

This is her latest project from the Green Classroom.  Black-eyed peas, she says, taunting me with her knowledge.

I, however, still have a mystery plant.  It sprouted up right next to the base of the Henry Duelberg sage, confusing me into thinking that was common Henry behavior,  and soon towered over the desert willow tree right next to it.

In fact, it looks similar to the desert willow, but is thinner in the branches and leaves.

When it bloomed, I knew for sure I had an entirely different plant on my hands.

But WHAT IS IT?  I’m going crazy.  Someone tell me.

While I wait for the responses to pour in, I will clean up the garden wreckage from the summer.  Only then will I take some wide angle shots of how our backyard has changed since the Big Reveal.

Coming soon…. ish.


3 responses to “a Bloom Day mystery”

  1. Mom/Granny

    I’m so happy you are a Texas gardner expert! Maybe you can help me pick some plants for my yard. Beautiful job Cheris!!

  2. Mom/Granny

    There’s a bunch of those (I think) on Quinlan down by us. They are really tall.

  3. GrandmaAVL

    I am so impressed with your growing gardening knowledge and skills. The photos are beautiful… Looking forward to seeing everything in ” the real!”

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