city plan, part 8: The Big Reveal

I’m sorry, this is a long, long post.  But it’s the culmination of almost two years of planning and work.  And more work.  And lots of work after that.  So you WILL scroll to the end.  Besides, this is the best part.

Behold, the big reveal:

I know it looks like a lovely lush lawn from certain angles, but that is an illusion.  It was green for about two weeks out of the year and at least 75% sticker-burs and weeds.

Oh, back when we still had three chickens.

This is where the new hammock lives.

So there you have it, the photos I sent in to the city yesterday.  The project is done.  Did you make it to the end of the post? What do you think?

7 responses to “city plan, part 8: The Big Reveal”

  1. Mom

    I think it is beautiful!! You did an amazing job!!

  2. Amber

    I think you are AMAZING! I think you made something beautiful and inviting, that you increased the value of your home, that you did a service to the earth and that you have incredible talent and perseverance.

  3. Joe

    Nice work! It looks so great!

  4. Lonnie & Cecil

    very impressive – we bet your dad is proud!!

  5. Lonnie & Cecil

    impressive – you are your father’s daughter!!

  6. Leah


  7. Dad L

    Just amazing. This story should be in Homes and Gardens.
    Congratulations on such an imaginative well thought out plan.

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