city plan, part 7: granite, lots of granite

A couple weeks ago I did the final 50-billion calculations (yes, Dad, you were right, I am using math in real life) necessary to order the crushed granite.  It was delivered on a Thursday, whereupon Violet and Graham immediately claimed the mountain…

…in the name of Kitty-tania.

I spent Friday doing the final clearing and pinning of landscape cloth.  There was, however, one small section uncovered.  Dreading yet another trip to Home Depot, I had a brilliant idea: paperwork.  There was a box of paperwork that needed to be shredded sitting in the garage.  Why not use that as weed blocker?  After all, they do say using newspapers 6 layers thick will block most weeds, at least to a manageable level.  And so, congratulating myself on my frugality and multi-tasking prowess, I set to work laying out the paper and soaking it to keep it from blowing away.

That evening, I was settling down to watch the kids chase fireflies in the front yard when an ominous cloud rose up in the north.  This was the edge of the storm that caused all those tornados in Oklahoma and the panhandle.  It was on us literally in minutes with 50 mile an hour winds and torrential rains.  By the time we got inside and looked out to the backyard, the place was a mess.  Despite being heavy and waterlogged, the papers were flying everywhere.

“ARG!  All my work!”  I wailed.  Rob saw the bigger picture.  “Um… so basically all our financial records are flying all over the neighborhood right now.”


We ran outside, dodging lightning bolts (slight exaggeration, but the thought did cross my mind) frantically piling wet papers into a muddy mountain that we wedged under a stepping stone.  In 30 seconds we were soaked to the skin.

And here is where having kids finally paid off:  When we finally flung ourselves onto the back porch, there was Violet standing in the doorway, waiting for us with dry towels.  Give that kid a puppy, or something.

This is what we had to deal with the next morning:

We spent the next two days shoveling and wheelbarrowing (mostly Rob), and raking and stomping (mostly me) crushed granite.  Because it was Mother’s Day weekend, and that’s what I wanted.

Coming up: the big reveal

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  1. Mom

    I love your stories!

  2. Kenny

    That is quite the makeover, Cheris! We have been slogging away at ours, too and loving it. Best wishes to you all!

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