city plan, part 4: hardscape

Surprisingly, when I tell most people that we’re getting rid of our lawn, I am met with confusion and what seems like vague anger.  I think that many of us have been raised with this idea that children need lawns and a the large expanse of green is somehow tied to our American Dream and to rip it out is unpatriotic or bordering on child neglect.  And while they are imagining me as a terrible mother or possibly a traitor to my country, I am imagining my revenge plan.  I do try to explain this plan and start enthusiastically talking about paths and raised beds and trees and hardscape and so on until I realize that my audience has a glazed look not unlike the one I assume when Rob is talking about Javascript.  So I decided I should probably post the sketch I sent to the city.

Clearly not professional, but I least I took actual measurements.  There have been some changes to the original design, but this is the basic idea.  A backyard oasis, I say!

So the playground is finished and the dry creek beds are done (one extra added).  Right after we pulled up the lawn I made two more raised beds, double dug them, and laid out landscape cloth where the paths will be.

Behold, the chaos.

Next week: Rocks.  Lots of Rocks.


2 responses to “city plan, part 4: hardscape”

  1. Mom

    It’s going to be fantastic, functional, and beautiful!

  2. Annie

    I think it’s fabulous and will be a delightful place to relax, garden and play for years to come. I was reading this month’s Organic Gardening last night and it features a lawnless Austin home on a 1/4 acre lot. You should definitely check it out!

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