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And in other news, while I work on the house, the kids continue the relentless change/grow thing that they do.

Graham’s teacher this year asked parents to write something about their child to display for the class when they are Star of the Week.  Since I’m lazy, I just cut and pasted some of his best quotes (recorded on Twitter):

  • Weeds don’t grow as fast as me.
  • I don’t like dark. Dark is not my thing.
  • I dream better in my bed. If I dream when I’m awake in the day, the dreams won’t stay in my head.
  • Does the Tooth Fairy have a tooth fairy?
  • When I form a story in my mind, I get stuck on one part and the characters do that thing over and over.
  • Mama, why not we get a monkey for a pet? Then we can eat bananas together.
  • Hula hooping sometimes helps me think. It blows my mind around & around until the fish in my head knows what to say.
  • I know what theme I want for my next birthday party: Lightbulb.
  • A longer food chain: bunny eats carrot, man shoots bunny, bear eats man, python eats bear, shark eats python, orca messes with shark.
  • When I sing a song in my mind, it always sounds PERFECT.
  • Since aliens have one eye, they can only wink. Not blink.
  • Mommy, your belly sounds like an ocean. That’s because it’s full of water, and juice, and wine. And coffee.
  • “Taste in clothes”? How do you taste clothes?
  • I wish mommy had 4 hands so mommy could hug me while we drive.
  • My favorite world is “horizontal” because…. I like birds!
  • (full of rage) I’m going to… throw a… a… ANIMAL at you!
  • When you go to a balloon farm, always wear dead balloons so the other balloons think you’re a real big balloon.
  • Handsome boys don’t need jackets. I’m the handsomest boy on the planet.
  • Nobody’s perfect. Not even birds. They poop on cars.
  • Is Tape Day after Hanukkah?
  • How do batteries do the thing that makes the thing do the thing?
  • You will soon eat pumpkin pie; and you will be delighted!
  • A “sea slug”? How can a slug see?
  • (Handing me my birthday present) “Mom, after you die, I get to have this.”
  • They went to the edge of nowhere. Nowhere is a town.
  • If Violet is awake or I’m awake when the tooth fairy comes, she will only leave FOIL.
  • I have a feeling this is going to be a long week.
  • I keep trying to not forget, but then I forget to not forget.
  • You could mop on the ceiling if you had wings.


Rob, on the other hand, got creative:

18 Cool Facts About Graham  (That Just Happen To Start With The Letters Of His Name)

Graham loves coming to school every day.
Running is his favorite sport, and he’s pretty fast. (He’ll race you to prove it.)
Austin has been his hometown since he was born.
He has always loved broccoli. It’s his favorite veggie—maybe even his favorite food!
Any time his Daddy comes home from work, he wants to wrestle.
Matchbox car races (speeding down a wooden plank) are often held in Graham’s bedroom.

David is Graham’s middle name. That’s the same middle name as his grandpa.
Always wants a lollipop.
Violet is Graham’s older sister. They play together every day and never fight (well, hardly ever).
In the summertime, he eats a lot of watermelon.
During scary movies, he likes to snuggle up with his family.

Interested in space and planets, rocks and volcanoes, and earthworms.
Favorite TV shows: Backyardigans and Shaun the Sheep.
Flute is the instrument he wants to learn to play.
Orange is one of his favorite colors. He wants to wear his orange shorts or pants every day.
Really enjoys books, especially ones that make him laugh.
Delighted to be Star of the Week this week!

I have to say I got a little teary reading this, and felt grateful that the kids have a Dad who is so involved and tuned-in to them and who they are.

Maybe they’ll even realize it one day.

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  1. Mom

    What a treasure!!

  2. Mom

    And you are anything but lazy!! 🙂

  3. Amber

    I love this.

  4. GrandmaAVL

    I get a little teary eyed when I think about how V and G have two parents who are so tuned in to them AND to each other.

  5. Mom

    Yeah! What Annette said!

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