Helium Taxi

I have a new favorite album.  And it is just coincidence that Rob made it.  It would be in constant rotation it even if I wasn’t married to the musician.  The title, “Helium Taxi“, is a line from the Weepies song “Happiness“.  I think that sums up the whole project.  Happy that he found amazing musicians to play on it, that they had fun recording it, that the mixing process was interesting, and that the artist was excited to work on the cover.  Most importantly, maybe, is  that we’re at a point in our parenting careers where we’re not too sleep-deprived and covered in baby shmutz  to leave the house, let alone work on creative projects that make us happy and have nothing to do with children.  Is that bad?

I’ve actually been listening to these songs for the better part of 15 years.  Living with Rob is like having a constant real-life soundtrack.  What is thrilling for me is that I finally have the version Rob has been hearing in his own head every time he picks up an instrument.  It’s nice to be newly amazed by your spouse.  I highly recommend it.

You can get immediate gratification at bandcamp.  For those of you who need a physical CD, you can get that too.

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