change change change

Today is the last day I get him all to myself.

Tomorrow is Violet’s first day of summer vacation.  In the fall Graham will start kindergarten.

The girl sometimes expresses dismay that her brother gets to stay home with me while she has to go to school.  I tell her that she had me all to herself for two whole years before Graham was born; now it’s his turn to have just a few hours a day with my complete attention.  Except it is so rarely complete attention, right?  I could sit here and throw myself into a tizzy of regret thinking about all the times I was distracted, grouchy, impatient, tired, unhelpful and short-tempered with him.  Or I could just feel supremely grateful for the past two years, go out right now and spoil him rotten on our last day alone together.  Yeah.  That’s what I’m going to do.

Everything is about to change.  Again.

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  1. Mom/Granny

    You are amazing Cheris!!

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