Gratitude, Day 27: “experiences not stuff” Christmas

I was a little worried, but it seems that I did not, in fact, ruin Christmas.  We had many discussions about it, and I must say that the kids did not waver in their excitement about putting “things to do” on their wish lists.  There was a brief moment of panic when Graham told us, about a week before the big day, that he wanted a Transformer.  I was surprised he knew what they are, and concerned because, well, it was a week before Christmas.  Also I don’t think he can physically transform the little buggers (it’s almost impossible for me to do it.)  So, flailing, I just asked him what a Transformer is.

“Oh, it’s a toy, like a robot or something, that can change into ANYTHING a kids wants!”

It took us until Christmas Eve to convince him that such a toy does not exist, although it would be awesome if it did.

Meanwhile, the grandparents had their own moments of worry.  Most were concerned that the kids would not have enough to open Christmas morning or would be disappointed in their gifts.  It’s understandable.  But they kindly humored me and were very clever about wrapping the “tickets” in books about the activities or sticking chocolate in the boxes.

I am happy to report that the big day was a huge success.  The kids were thrilled beyond belief to be going to Sea World and can’t wait to start rock climbing and taekwondo classes.  Right now they are at a one-day hip-hop camp that Rob and I got them. (Merry Christmas to meeeee!)

It was a little tricky to walk the line between lots of fun activities and making sure our schedules don’t get overloaded.  But I think it worked out very well this year.  And who knows, maybe next year they’ll actually ask for Things.  That’s okay!  Right now I’m just looking forward to all the fun stuff we have planned.

By the way, Santa got dibs on the only other thing Graham asked for: a tiny purple unicorn to match his big purple unicorn.

Gotta love that kid.

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  1. Mom

    I like the Manifesto idea!

  2. Benita

    There is nothing like a purple unicorn. It tops a transformer any day.

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