Gratitude, Day 11: Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center

For those of you not in Texas, you may be only vaguely aware of First Lady “Ladybird” Johnson. But in Austin, her presence is everywhere. Whatever you may think about LBJ, it’s hard not to like his wife. Not only was she instrumental in launching Headstart, she was an environmentalist, conservationist, and the reason our interstates aren’t completely blanketed in billboards. We think of her most in the spring when the Texas wildflowers bloom along every freeway, easing road-rage for millions. Here in Austin we named the river that runs through downtown after her, and, of course, we have the Wildflower Center. This place is an incredible educational resource and a model for sustainability. The grounds are beautiful and showcase native plants and landscapes.  We’ve visited quite a bit,

but last night was the first time we attended Luminations.

Lights, snacks, crafts, carols, puppet shows, and more lights?  Yes, please.

Thanks Ladybird.


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