Gratitude, Day 8: My Musicians

I can carry a tune… a little.  I can strum a few chords.  But that is about the extent of my musical talent.  So how did I find myself surrounded by musicians?  I can’t believe my luck.  Our walls are covered with instruments.  Living with Rob is like having a continuous soundtrack to our lives.

He’s got his garage band (sometimes seen outside of a garage)…

….his dad band (sometimes seen in pirate gear)…

…and his bluegrass band (seen all over Central TX).

Violet has been singing with them (at daytime gigs) since she could string a sentence together.  Graham has recently gotten up the nerve to stand next to her on stage and quietly warble along.  He wants to learn flute and play “classic”.  Violet wants to play violin… or fiddle.

My mom plays electric guitar in a rock band.

She comes from a family of musicians.  The reunions rival ACL.

We also have a bunch of talented friends who sing…

…or write and produce musical theater.

I am surrounded by so much talent it’s hard not to get jealous sometimes.  But the world also needs back-up singers, stage-hands, and groupies.  I’m grateful to do my part.

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  1. Mom

    You are just the coolest person Cheris!!

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