Gratitude Day 2: Rain

It rained again today.  All.  Day.  Cool and drizzly.  It was wonderful.  We’ve had maybe 3 inches so far this year?  Not enough for this Northwest girl.  The drought has made me feel like I’ve been strapped to The Machine for the past two years.  So I’ll enjoy every little drop we get.

This morning Graham and I walked around the neighborhood for an hour in our winter coats.  (I haven’t bought rain coats for fear of further  jinxing us.)

We tasted rain and saved worms and stomped in puddles and drank cocoa.

I could get used to this.

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  1. Amber Jackson

    You’d probably be hard pressed to find someone in the Pacific Northwest who would list “rain” on a list of things they are grateful for – let alone as #2 – especially this time of year. But I admit to being pretty grateful for it – it’s what makes this area such a a verdant and agriculturally productive place. It sustains the wonderful rivers around me, keeps the walnut tree in my backyard growing and the veggies from wilting. And it makes the most soothing noise on my roof as I drift off to sleep. I’m particularly grateful for it while sitting inside watching a down pour with a cup of tea in my hands …

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