radio silent

My dad called me from Washington the other day.  Twice.  He said he was worried because we’d been radio silent for two months.

True.  I’ve been doing a lot of… things.  Really fun things.  Things I’d been looking forward to and planning for.  Things like fostering 16 baby chicks, getting new floors, clearing out the PTA room, hosting book group, volunteering for Violet’s teacher, taking photos for local children’s theater, working with the Green Classroom, helping with Fall Fest, making halloween costumes, chairing the school art and landscaping committee.  Fun, right?


I’m going to try to keep this insanity from ever ever ever happening again, because I’ve realized in my old age that I do better with one project at a time.  Things are good.  Life is fun.  I’m happy.  But I’ll be relieved to scale it back a bit.

So Dad, and everyone else I’ve been ignoring (including you, laundry, groceries, and dishes) I’m sorry.  I’ll be back in November.


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  1. Mom

    Welcome back! I’ve missed your posts and your photos!

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