Graham re: Violet

I always hoped Violet and Graham would be as close as I was growing up with my little brother.  We were 18 months apart and inseparable.  Violet and Graham are 26 months apart (which is close enough for me).  These days they are completely crazy about each other… when they’re not making each other crazy.  But mostly they just play and play and play.  My plan is finally finally working out; and it only took six and a half years!

Here are Graham’s tweets about Violet over the past year or so:

  • But Violet, you’re the luckiest person in the world because you have the best brother.
  • Violet, sometimes I need some time alone from you. But I still love you. How could I not love you?
  • Violet! Wait! I have to put my stinkin’ flip-flop on!
  • Violet, I was missing you ALL day.
  • Violet, I can’t be without you.
  • I’m big, but Violet says I’m three… and three is not a big number.
  • Violet, how many Time Outs did you have today?
  • I wish Violet was my twin so she could stay home with me.
  • Hey Violet! Wanna go to the cheap rhinoceros store?
  • (chanting) Violet the Incredible, not quite edible!

I know I can’t expect them to be friends as adults, like my brother and I.  But I really hope they will.  I mean, we’re spending their inheritance, so they’ll need each other.

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  1. Mom


  2. Mom

    I can’t look at that photo of you and Joe without crying. It’s so beautiful and I love you both so much!!

  3. Sue

    Hi Cheris, I know I don’t typically respond to your blog, but I have to say that I couldn’t agree with Ann more. The picture is so lovely. Would you send me a jpeg so that I can print out a 8.5×11 for framing? Love, S

  4. Amber Jackson

    Ditto on the awesomeness of this photo. I have clearly spent too much time one Facebook because what I really want is a “like” button. And an “unbelievably jealous” button – but it gives me hope that in 3 years there is the possibility they will entertain each other …

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