totally famous now

I follow a blog about Spanish speaking families called Spanglish Baby because it’s a proponent of bilingualism in general and Spanish (obviously) in particular.  I won their Scholastic bilingual storybook give-away.  (And, by the way, Scholastic never sent me the book.  For shame, Scholastic!  I was going to donate it to the school library!  Boooo…)  But when the owner of the blog contacted me, she also checked out my other blog and read the many (umm… I mean eight) posts.  Our story is different from all the other families featured on their website, so she asked me to write up something.

And here it is.  My first gig as a guest blogger.

Cheris Lifford bilingual travel

I also follow a photography site called Shutter Sisters.  They blog, offer online classes, and give subject prompts for photographers to follow and share in order to practice, stretch their skills, and get feedback.  Each month the site owners pick a word, and every day we can post a photographic representation of that word.  In August the word was “adventure”.  At the end of the month they choose a few photos to wrap up the idea.  Mine was one of them.  Pretty cool considering there were at least 800 submissions. I have to give most of the credit to my model, though.  She worked hard all day for this shot.

So yeah, I’m totally famous now.

4 responses to “totally famous now”

  1. Mom

    I’m so impressed!! You are just amazingly wonderful!! Always have been!

  2. Amber

    You are so awesome. I love the picture and the blog. XXOO!

  3. Cecil

    What fun…Especially since I know Honeybear personally, and have watched her work out on that beach!!

  4. Gramma AVL

    Your Mom is right on all counts. It’s a “honey” of a photo (sorry – couldn’t help that) ! I’m really proud of my dtr-in-law!

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