Pig & Ford

I love a good old-fashioned county fair: delicious unhealthy food, carnival rides, entertainment, farm animals.  But I never knew that I’ve been waiting my whole life to visit a county fair where the main attraction is a Pig & Ford race.  Tillamook County in rural Oregon has such an event.

Never heard of it?  Well, it’s difficult to simply describe.  You’ve really got to see it to believe it.

To compete a person needs to bring their honest-to-goodness old-timey Model T Ford.

Then the drivers line up, ready to race. On foot.

At the gun, they’re off.

They dash to the pens where they pick up…

…a squealing piglet.

Then they sprint, with their delicious baggage, to their Model Ts.

Of course they have to crank the cars before hopping in.

One hand on the wheel and the other around porky, they race a lap around the track.

Once back at the pen they switch swine, crank cars, and race again.

This continues for three laps.  If the racer in front doesn’t lose his bacon, he is the winner.

It’s things like this that make me proud to be an American.

*disclaimer — no piggies were harmed during the race (aside from the slight dizziness suffered by the pig held upside-down for a lap) In fact, the animals seemed to enjoy the ride.

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  1. Mom


  2. Amber Jackson

    BEST. THING. EVER!!!!! We want to go with you next year!!!

  3. Chris Kardos

    Judging by the crowd in the stands this has yet to reach NASCAR status… But i can’t explain why not! That is awesome.

  4. Leah


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