one of the boys

So this is what I mean about Violet:

Graham’s birthday party this year was the first time he was really able to invite his own friends.  Until now he has been lumped in with Violet’s buddies and their younger siblings.  (Curse of the second child.)  But on the big day, our house was filled with boys boys boys having Wild Kratt Creature Adventures… and one six year old girl.

On the way home, Graham’s best friend reported this to his mom:

  • Mom:  Violet seemed like a pretty cool girl.
  • W:  Yeah, I really liked her.  She was almost just like a boy.  If she didn’t wear any pink or dresses or stuff like that she would be camouflage and she would blend right into the boys.  Nobody would even know she was a girl!

Yeah.  That’s about right.

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  1. Leah

    😉 my favorite kind of girl!

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