MtE and family videos

I think it’s safe to say that Matt the Electrician has provided much of the theme music for our life here in Austin.  I first heard him when we’d just moved from Korea.  I was driving around, lost.  Again.  But there was this wonderful live music on the radio.  I insisted to Rob that we see him that night.  (This was before kids.  You can tell by how spontaneous we used to be.)

After that we went to whatever show we could; Wednesdays at Cafe Mundi with Southpaw, Monday’s at the Saxon with Bob Schneider, CD release parties at the Cactus Cafe with the Weepies or Seela and the whole band.  Once he showed up to a gig looking (even more) disheveled.  His son had been born early that morning.  Now THAT is dedication.

After we had our own kids, we went to fewer and fewer shows.  But his CDs were still in constant rotation.  (When our house flooded in 2005, I put on the song “Water” and danced a pathetic little jig in the lake that had once been our dining room.)  When Graham was born, “You and I” was such a perfect anthem, Rob’s parents thought we had written it.  Then “Animal Boy” was released.  And I couldn’t help myself; I had to use it in the family video.  Here’s an abbreviated version:

Check out Matt’s amazing fundraising efforts (and his very talented wife).

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  1. kathie Sever

    so so so sweet. i love seeing stuff like this. it never ceases to touch and amaze me.

  2. Mom/Granny


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