tear down the wall

What is it about 1970’s houses?  Why did they invent things like galley kitchens and walls-with-no-purpose?

There isn’t much we can do about our kitchen, but we did have some funds left over after the porch addition to tear down the “wall” between the dining and living rooms.  It was more of a partition than a wall, really.  And I must note that it served as a great obstacle-course for “chase”.  The kids ran around that thing so many times over the past five years they just about wore a path into the flooring.

But we put nostalgia aside to take up a sledgehammer and destroy some drywall and two-by-fours.  (Just kidding.  We paid someone to do that so we wouldn’t have to clean up the mess.)  In three days it was done.  It would’ve been two, but the tile guy disappeared at “Home Depot” for half a day.

All in all, we can’t believe we didn’t do this years ago.  Observe before:

And after:

Most importantly, there is now a shorter path from the cocktail-making-area (aka: the kitchen) to the cocktail-sipping area (aka: the porch).

See you at 5pm.

6 responses to “tear down the wall”

  1. Rob

    Might have to make a Spec’s run for more liquor this afternoon in case the whole Internet shows up.

  2. Benita

    but where are the ducks going to hang out now?!

    and Rob, I like RED wine. 😉

  3. Leah

    looks awesome! makes me wanna knock the wall between our living room and kitchen down! also, that green in the dining room looks like the same color as our bedroom 😉 miss you lady!

  4. Beth

    Very cool! Its like a new house!

  5. Erica

    Ahem. We’ve not met yet but I just might take you up on the invite. Seriously, it is one trillion below zero in Seattle right now and I am so over not getting some sunshine. Your porch looks so inviting and cocktails are lovely and you all seem so nice. Just sayin’, don’t be shocked if I arrive sometime later today… 🙂

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