catching up with Violet on Twitter

Has it really been TWO YEARS since  my last post on Violet’s greatest twitter comments?  That is just unacceptable.  So, to make up for lost time, here is a sampling from late 2008 to early 2009:
  • Could you push me on the swing? I had a rough night.
  • Graaaaaham! If you come here I’ll give you money!
  • I picked “Max & Ruby” to read tonight because Max doesn’t listen… just like me!
  • If it’s not the best peach in the world, I’m not eating it.
  • Sasha and I are going on a date. We’re going to stand around and talk about work… like grown-ups.
  • I’m dancing, Daddy is taking care of Graham, Mommy is watering plants and drinking wine. Everything is right!
  • (while pretending to be a story-time librarian) “I had this book when I was a kid. I loved it so much, I ate it.”
  • My brain wants me to do this… but I did this instead. Now my brain is mad at me.
  • I’m not nocturnal, I just need to stay up all night to protect Bigger Baby from the monsters.
  • I can’t wait until Graham is two. Then he’ll listen.
  • (seeing that mom and dad have finished dinner early) OK, you guys are done, you can go play with each other now.
  • Fire ants aren’t allergic to cats.
  • Me and Graham can sit on the same blanket because we love each other SO much… we can’t even understand.
  • Graham, you are the disgustingest boy in the world.
  • Sometimes I call Graham “Ernie” for short.
  • I would prefer my puffy coat.
  • Bread Girl and Butter Boy… attack!
  • (noting the stubble in the bathtub) Did Daddy peel his beard today?
  • (While helping G into his carseat) Hi Graham. I’m your assistant, Violet the Buckler.
  • I’m gonna hug you ’til your head pops off!
  • (seeing Rob wearing a tie) “Daddy, what’s that thing around your neck?”
  • I’m an expert at doing things well.
  • Mommy, I work better with Graham. I don’t need you here.
  • I flushed my pee so my poo could have personal space.
  • I like to destroy things.
  • (seeing Graham pee on the floor) “Whatever. He’s just a baby.”

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    …laughing out loud!!

  2. Linda

    That girl should be in charge of the country.

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