new porch! new porch!

I have been talking about doing this for ages.  We have a southern facing backyard with no shade.  In case you’re not in Texas, this means that we can’t step foot out back for about half the year.  (Surface of the sun, remember?)  Oh, and we’ve come to realize that the chickens think the world is their toilet, so we couldn’t use our back porch during the other half of the year.  And the mosquitoes.  Don’t even get me started on those little suckers.

So we figured out how to make it financially feasible (thank you housing collapse!), and called a contractor to build us a screened-in gabled porch.  (Since it took me 2 months to build a chicken coop we figured it would be wise to bring in the professionals.)

Viola!  Before:

After!  (I still need to figure out where to hang the laundry now.)


After! (Apparently you can’t buy an outdoor ceiling fan in the fall, so we’re still waiting on that.)



The view from our living room before:


Granted, this was not a painless process.  It took twice as long as projected, since the foreman was imprisoned halfway through.  And we had a few issues with rogue bears in the rafters.

But still.  We’re very pleased.  Please join us for cocktail hour on the patio.  Every day.

9 responses to “new porch! new porch!”

  1. Leah

    YAY! looks awesome! can’t wait to have a cold beer out there next time we are there!

  2. Kristen

    This looks beautiful! Congratulations!! I’d love to join you for a drink too 🙂

  3. Heather

    WOW! It looks awesome!

  4. Shannou

    That is beautiful! Congrats!

    And cocktail hour on the patio sounds great!

    I’m dating a new guy who plays the banjo, so maybe I could bring him sometime for a patio cocktail/jam session too. 🙂

  5. Nancy Mohn Barnard

    OMG! It looks awesome! I love the rear-facing view of your house. Can’t wait to actually use it . . .

  6. Kate

    Gorgeous! What a fabulous addition to the house. I dream of a screened porch some day. Such peaceful and relaxing places for a family to spend an evening on. Lovely lovely.

  7. Amber

    WOW! That is fantastic! Congrats.

  8. Bah

    Dang! I love it!

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