Bok BOK!

If you hear a ruckus in the hen house, either a strange critter is prowling around the yard, OR your chicken has laid her very first egg.

This morning?

We figured that Migas was the lucky chicky since Ameraucana eggs are blue-ish.  I’m surpised because she is the smallest and doesn’t have much of a comb;  I wasn’t sure she was fully grown yet.  But she went to it like a pro, placing the egg right next to the fake one in the nesting box.  This is quite a victory for her since she is lowest in the pecking order and gets mercilessly bullied by HennyPenny and  Henrietta Universe.

Migas is strutting around out there right now, bok-boking, “Take that, mother-cluckers.  You can just go suck an egg, biddies.”

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  1. Rob L.

    I suspect Henrietta Universe does believe she is up for the challenge, though.

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