if you’re not a gardening geek, look away

So it has taken me a few years to realize something about gardening during the Texas summer: DON’T do it.  (Same goes for camping .)  Yes, I’ve been behaving as though I still live up north, I admit it.

My big gardening project this year was to build up a bed along the south side of our house.

I finally bought seeds & starts that actually have a chance of growing in this climate, rather than  basing my purchases on the catalog’s pretty pictures and hopeful descriptions.  So spring was a very successful season.

Aaaaand then the garden succumbs  to summer.  The bugs invade, the mold sweeps in, the heat scorches.  It’s a losing battle that we’re not actually supposed to be fighting.

So I’ve mulched the plants and stepped back.  I’ll water enough to keep them alive until the fall, when I’ll probably get a bumper crop.  Then I can begin the second gardening season in earnest.  How great is it that we get fresh produce through winter?  It almost makes up for living on the surface of the sun for 4 months of the year.

3 responses to “if you’re not a gardening geek, look away”

  1. Mom

    I am in TOTAL agreement!!! I decided that I wasn’t going to battle the summer either. I’ll go to the farmer’s market instead!

  2. Amber

    Agree! Summer gardening is hot, hard, and not fun. I wonder if I can hold on till fall.

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