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so we tried it again

so we tried it again

We tried camping.  It was kind of a matter of honor, just because of what happened last year.  But last year we had a lot working against us:  Graham was still in a crib, the kids had never slept in the same room together (let alone a tent), Graham still needed a nap, it was […]

if you're not a gardening geek, look away

if you’re not a gardening geek, look away

So it has taken me a few years to realize something about gardening during the Texas summer: DON’T do it.  (Same goes for camping .)  Yes, I’ve been behaving as though I still live up north, I admit it. My big gardening project this year was to build up a bed along the south side […]

finally done...

finally done…

I have never had so much fun totally ignoring my children.  Yes I sent them out on their bikes or let them run amok for hours while I hunkered down in the garage to turn this: into this: I got to use circular, jig, table and miter saws, electric drill, screwdriver and sander, power stapler, […]