The babies have arrived!

Last Wednesday I woke up in a foul mood after a terrible night’s sleep.  The only thing for it was to drive to the feed store and buy some chicks.  (Just try to be grouchy while holding a tiny fluffy cheeping birdie.  It’s impossible.)

I didn’t tell the kids what we were doing, so they couldn’t understand why we were wandering around a strange store full of farm equipment.  Then they heard it: a cacophony of peeping.  A small back room housed shelves  and shelves of day old chicks and one crabby old lady.  Out of the breeds they had available, I chose an Australorp, an Ameraucana and a Brahma for their supposed friendliness, hardiness and egg-laying prowess.  The crabby old lady plucked them off the shelves and put them in a cardboard box.

We bought a feeder and waterer, then took them home to set them up in their terrarium.  The  coop is almost done, but they won’t be able to move in for a few weeks yet.  We have to wait for their adult feathers to come in so they can keep themselves warm.

Violet thinks they are the best thing ever.  In fact, she just about loves them to death, literally, every time she picks them up: squeezing them, carrying them around in a hat, forcing them to play in the dollhouse, putting them in Graham’s tricycle trunk, etc.

Graham, on the other hand, thinks they’re cute at a distance, but doesn’t want much to do with them.

They already have their own little personalities and are hilarious to watch.  Migas the Ameraucana would rather not associate with humans.  She’s loud and fast and protective of her chick friends.

Penny the Australorp thinks Violet is her mommy.  She’ll happily sit on Violet’s lap, fall asleep in her hand, or hang out while the other chicks run away.

Henrietta (aka: Henny) the Brahma seems a little bird-brained and follows Migas around like she’s the most popular chick in school.

Pearl the cat  just ignores them, so far.

Now we have a total of 6 pets.  But we’ll have fresh eggs in about 5 months.  Exactly what will the cat and fish do to justify their existence?  I should really start charging them rent.

3 responses to “The babies have arrived!”

  1. Cecil

    Just the thing for a ‘fowl’ mood…they are so-o-o-o cute!

  2. Mom/Granny

    You pulled a Bambi!

  3. Benita

    oh my gosh, they are the most precious things ever! When Jack was in kinder they did a chick unit where they hatched chicks from eggs. The VERY best thing that happened that year was when we “won” the lottery to take them home for the weekend. Remind me to tell you about it!

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