We’re expecting!!

Chickens, that is.

Yup, pretty soon we should have our own little backyard flock to lay for us and poop on our yard.  We’re excited.  Okay… I’M excited.  I grew up with chickens.  It was my job to collect the eggs.  And ever since then I’ve been spoiled for those flavorless store-bought chicken-factory imitations.  We’ve been buying eggs from the farmers’ market, but they’re up to $4.50 a dozen!  I’m all for supporting small farmers, but ouch.

So we’re taking the leap.  But since my childhood chicken duty did not include the logistics, I’ve had to do some research. The city law in Austin states you can keep a few backyard chickens, but no roosters.  And the coop has to be 50 feet from the surrounding houses.  No problem.  I’m working on the coop right now.  (With all my free time I should be done in the next decade. Must employ more child labor.)

We borrowed a little tank to keep the chicks in until they get big enough for the coop. (Thanks Rebecca!)  We’ve gone to the Funky Coop Tour.  We’ve read the books.  The kids have played with real live chicks (without injury to either party).  They cannot wait.

Who wants fresh eggs?

3 responses to “We’re expecting!!”

  1. Shannou

    I did a double-take when I read that title!

    I do, I do!

    Love that art, by the way. 🙂

    Oh, also: My friend from Paris is coming on Friday and staying with me for 2 weeks with her two kids (8 and 10 yrs). Let me know if you are doing any fun kid activities that we could join in on!

  2. Heather

    So exciting! It cracks me up how many friends I have here in town who own chickens.

  3. Ann Reed

    You rock Cheris!!

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