one way in which I am weird

The first time I had to use the phone I had a complete panic attack.  I was probably about 7, and… well…  introverted. I had a question about a kid event, I think.  My mom decided that if it was my question, I should be the one to call.  We reviewed the proper phone etiquette, but when it came time to dial I burst into tears.

Now, I eventually learned to not be terrified of making phone calls, but it has never been my favorite thing.  (Okay, yes Dad, I admit to a phone fling in my teen years, but teenagers are just not normal.)  These days there is the double annoyance of children who cling to my leg and screech any time the receiver is next to my ear. I’m doomed.

Halle-freakin-lujah that the internet was invented.  This is a phone-a-phobe’s dream.  Why spend 15 minutes making a call when you can just shoot off an email that everyone can read at their leisure?

But I may have taken it too far.

Here I am today: Telephone Distaste + Email = Annoyed Friends and Family

Yes, I have managed to irk quite a few people because of my weirdness.  I’m sorry. I promise it’s not my intention.  And I promise I’ll try to be better.  But if it’s a yes or no question, can we meet halfway?  In cyberspace?  Thank you for  mollifying the crazy lady.

Here’s a picture from long ago.  But there is a phone, so it’s apt, right?  And Violet’s expression kind of sums it all up for me.

5 responses to “one way in which I am weird”

  1. Uncle Joe

    I hear you. I’m totally the same way. Maybe it’s a genetic thing.

  2. Mom/Granny

    I’m the same way!! I’m not a good chatty phone person. No offense taken here! But sometimes I just need to hear the voices of the ones I love!

  3. Mom

    BTW…I’m really sorry!!

  4. Kristen

    I USED to like the phone…before having kids. Chris and I always battle who might have the more opportune time to call the cable or water people. I’m all about emailing and updating my status on facebook (like tweeting!) to communicate.

  5. Heather

    Me too. I will avoid the phone AT ALL COSTS. Part of it is that I have a stutter, and part of it is being introverted and uncomfortable talking to people on the phone I don’t know really, really well. Anyway, I totally get what you’re saying.

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