So I asked for a Crash Course Sewing class at the Stitch Lab for Christmas.  My mom was nice enough to give me her sewing machine, and I’ve been telling myself for ages I’d learn how to do more than sew a straight line.  My in-laws were nice enough to get me that class and even babysit the kids while I went.  And isn’t the fabric awesome?  My step-mom, who has a good eye, a keen sense of frugality and a highly organized habit of hording cool items, was nice enough to give me these sheets she picked up on sale decades ago.  I’ve made curtains and framed  bits for Violet’s room, with yards left over.   More than enough for a little tote.

Seemed simple, but noooo… deceptively tricky bits of folding and ironing and stabbing myself with pins, etc.  But fun.  So fun.

Now I’m newly inspired to put my sewing machine to good use.  I’d love to make little dresses for Violet out of our favorite t-shirts, or hem pants into shorts for Graham, or just create something that doesn’t involve Elmer’s glue and construction paper.

Now to figure out how to find the time…

3 responses to “crafty?”

  1. Amber

    You are seriously crafty! That is awesome. And that fabric is gorgeous. Congratulations!

  2. Mom/Granny

    It is fun to create stuff and recycle stuff…that’s my favorite! Great job! Now where is mine???? :->

  3. Leah

    AWESOME! I asked for a sewing machine for my birthday and sewing lessons. I wanna make curatins and baby blankets, I saved ribbon from our wedding to use on the blankets. Remember when we used to staple our hems?

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