Graham’s Twitter year-in-review

This morning Graham woke up screaming… and screamed non-stop for about an hour.  Apparently the fact that I would not let him run around in wet pants makes me the worst mommy ever.

Sooooo… I thought I’d do a post focusing on Graham cuteness instead.  It’s there.  I promise.  Must. Remember.

Behold, Graham’s best Twitter quotes of the past year:

  • Mommy, I’m scared of my strong emotions.
  • If you walk up to Santa and say “hi”, he will throw dirt at you.
  • Look! An airplane… IT’S DRAWING IN THE SKY!!!
  • Do bees have tongues?
  • You’re the best mommy I ever seen.
  • I had an accident in my underwear. I’m not proud.
  • Can I EAT the frost?
  • Violet, remember, this is a game for kids. NO grown-ups. Don’t forget. It’s very important.
  • “Do you know what it’s great to have? A mommy.”
  • “How do you say ‘Graham’ in Spanish?”
  • Mommy, can I eat the clouds?
  • Mommy, where were you? I had a booger in my nose. Let me show you where it is now.
  • (singing) Mommy killed the radio star, Mommy killed the radio star…
  • Mom, can I have more yogurt? (pause) To put in my mouth?
  • You’re not a mother, you’re a mommy.
  • Violet, you’re the best Violet in the world.
  • (regarding his cast finally coming off) “Now I can pull my own pants down!”
  • Fly Hopter-Copter! Fly!
  • You’re smart. Mommy, you’re very very very very smart.
  • Don’t. Help. Me. EVER AGAIN.
  • (holding out his hand after crying fit) Here mommy, here’s a tear.
  • Trees are NOT broccoli.
  • to his apple slice, “You’re quite beautiful.”
  • Bears don’t eat spicy bananas!
  • Look what I have on! A ring! Now I’m a person!
  • Hey Kitty, I want to tell you something… Chicken Butt!!!
  • Time to brush teeth and go to bed? How can that be??
  • I’m naked!! I’m freeeeee!!
  • about his cherry-limeade,”I like it! Really spicy and really… drinky!”
  • There’s no more dinosaurs. They’re ‘stink’.
  • Goodnight dear Violet.
  • Your hair looks gorgeous!
  • (after I told him I love him) “Yeah. I love me.”
  • Mommy, change your clothes. They smell bad.
  • I CAN’T need a diaper change.
  • while patting Violet, “Awww… sweet girl.”
  • Oh No! Daddy’s singing!
  • G-R-A-H-A-M spells…uuuuum… wall !!

2 responses to “Graham’s Twitter year-in-review”

  1. Joe

    Over Christmas he said in his scratchy and warbley voice, “Apa’s gonna spank my bottom and through me in the trash!” That still makes me laugh when I think about it.

    Also, him shouting “I have tiny balls!” over and over regarding some marbles he was playing with. Finally Rob says, “Don’t worry about it kid. You’re only two.”

  2. Granny/Mom

    Oh, Graham…yes, you are the cutest of all boys! But I gotta say that losing the scream will be a BIG help!!

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