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Graham's Twitter year-in-review

Graham’s Twitter year-in-review

This morning Graham woke up screaming… and screamed non-stop for about an hour.  Apparently the fact that I would not let him run around in wet pants makes me the worst mommy ever. Sooooo… I thought I’d do a post focusing on Graham cuteness instead.  It’s there.  I promise.  Must. Remember. Behold, Graham’s best Twitter […]

new year's revelation:  we're burned out

new year’s revelation: we’re burned out

Imagine that you work in an office.  But at this job you wake up in the morning already at your cubicle.  Before you can grab some coffee, or even pee, there are two demanding coworkers hovering over you.  They follow you to the bathroom.  They bark orders while you eat.  They need projects to be […]

Pictures!  With all four of us!

Pictures! With all four of us!

As the family photographer, it’s rare for me to appear in any photos.  It’s even more rare for all of us to be in a photo together.  So at the Ike auction last spring I was happy to bid on several photography sessions from some local mama photographers.  I actually won a sitting from Virtu […]