here’s what I’m trying to remember

In the past few short months Graham has:

  • moved from crib to bed
  • outgrown his highchair
  • lost his nap
  • broke his arm
  • stopped wearing diapers
  • started “school”
  • sprouted molars
  • learned to talk like a 4 year old

So in a blink he has made a giant leap from baby to kid.  No wonder he’s so grouchy.  He has no idea what the hell is going on.  And it doesn’t help that I treat him like a 4 year old too much of the time.  He’s TWO.  He’s not Violet.  And he has made most of these huge changes way earlier than his sister did.

Must cut him some slack.  Must baby him sometimes.  Must cut myself some slack.


3 responses to “here’s what I’m trying to remember”

  1. Mom

    Precious photo!! Yes, cutting some slack all around is good. I sure love those two angels!

  2. Kristen

    awe…cute pic! i have been doing the opposite: babying dean and excusing him for his behavior because he’s “only two.” but when the BABY arrives (any day now) i imagine my expectations will be raised…and i won’t be babying Dean anymore. poor middle child.

  3. Mom

    I miss my babies!

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