backseat conversation

Scene:  Driving home.

VIOLET:  Mom, when is dinner?

ME:  Dinner was two hours ago and you didn’t eat it.  That’s it.

V:  But Mom!  I’m hungry!  I want dinner!

M:  I guess you missed your chance to eat dinner.  I’m not making you another one.

V (furiously):  If you don’t make me something to eat, I’m going to EAT YOU!!

GRAHAM (panicked):  No!!! Don’t eat Mommy!

V (still furious):  Graham, if you don’t let me eat Mommy, I’m going to EAT YOU TOO!

G (still panicked):  Nooo!  Don’t eat me!

V (soothing):  Graham, I won’t eat you if you let me eat Mommy.  Okay?

G: NOO!!!

V: Okay?

G:  No.

V: Okay?

G: NO!

Car and argument continue down the road. Dinner is not mentioned again.DSC_4798

4 responses to “backseat conversation”

  1. Mom

    Thank God for bloggity-blog! Otherwise all of this precious wisdom would be lost to the cosmos. I sooo love these children and the parents they are blessed to have!

  2. Chris

    “Elmo rocks” indeed. You’ve got some special little ones there… we too have the “i’m not eating dinner/ now I’m hungry” discussions. Although they’ve never resorted to cannibalism…yet.

  3. grdpa reed

    They are sweet kids,maybe someday we will see them..Like following your daily problems raising 2 sweet kids, It must be you

  4. Kate G.


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