look familiar?

Last we heard, Graham was going to be on a Pampers diaper package in Europe.  Then we got a letter stating Graham’s picture would be used in a “special project”.  Whatever that is, they didn’t say.  So no diaper package.  We were fine with that.  I mean, what if he’s backpacking through the Alps one day and can’t woo the girls because he’s tainted by diaper fame?  It’s a possibility, right?

Then, while I was in Oregon, a friend emailed me this picture she took in an Austin store:


Whoa.  Premium absorbency!  Yes, it’s some weird photoshopped version of me.  My family wouldn’t believe I wasn’t exchanged for a mom stunt double.  Graham looks awfully cute, though.

So the questions now:  what’s the “special project”?  Is this it?  Or will someone else find a picture of us in a magazine or on package of some sort?

Whoever spots it wins first prize: a chance to babysit the feral, broken-armed, model-boy.

6 responses to “look familiar?”

  1. Leah

    you look totally weird in that photo. But the whole thing is cool! YAY! I look on pampers boxes now…

  2. Mom

    Hurray my beauty girl and gorgeous bay boy!!

  3. Sarah

    Congrats on hitting stores in the U.S. You look so domestic (no pun intended). I’m so excited for you guys!

  4. Julie B

    hey cheris,
    I just saw a photo of the box in a target coupon mailer! have you seen it??

    julie butler (mom to 2 crazies…i follow your blog, i am hoping the age 4 and 2 spread coming up will be better than 3-3.5/1.5, UGH!!! )

  5. Four years later…

    […] A friend of my mom’s spotted this while traveling .  Who knew?  Well, not us, since we signed away our rights to these photos.  And it actually looks like me, unlike last time. […]

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