27 months

That’s how old Violet was when Graham was born. And that’s how old Graham is right now. This blows my mind on many levels… and I can’t really explain why.

Maybe it’s just that Violet seemed so huge when we brought him home…that when she saw him for the first time she gasped and demanded gleefully, “I want hold him!”…  that she seemed so sure of her role as big sister…. that  she has always insisted on not being treated as a baby, even when she was one.

And maybe it’s that if I brought a new baby home today, Graham would scream in his room for about an hour, then say something linguistically astounding like: “Is it okay if I hold him? He’s our new baby. Violet is older than me, but I’m older than him. I think he needs a diaper change.” Or that Graham has always insisted on being treated as the baby, even when he wants to be a big boy.

What I can explain is that I have two equally amazing and challenging kids in two completely different ways. Pretty dang cool.dsc_3417

3 responses to “27 months”

  1. Leah

    kisses to you and your babies!

  2. Mom

    They are all THAT and sooo much more…just like you and Joe!!

  3. Mom

    More photos please!!!

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