Okay, so his hair was totally cute.  But his bangs were getting in his eyes and the curls by his ears were starting to look like wings and the baby-mullet was making him itch.  So we decided it was time for his first haircut.

We took him to Fast Freddie’s, home of the $8 cut.  That’s where Rob goes, and they usually do a decent job.  More importantly, they really are fast.  So, armed with a lollipop bribe, we strapped him in.

It did not go well.


Bit of advice:  Don’t accidentally buy a Red Hot lollipop for a bribe.  He would lick the lollipop, wail inconsolably, flail around, lick the lollipop, wail again, etc, etc. Clearly it wasn’t destined to be the most symmetrical haircut ever.

He’s still cute, though.


3 responses to “hair”

  1. Stacy C.

    I love how, in the last picture, he has that look like, “I can’t believe you did this to me.”

    He looks so cute!!

  2. Chris K

    Red Hot Lollipop? That is priceless! Way to go!

    “Haircuts taste like burning”

  3. Mom

    Despite the trauma he is the cutest little munchkin! He looks like an adorable little boy now!

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