Three words for anyone with a preschool aged daughter and toddler son: “Max and Ruby”.  This is a cartoon based on the books by Rosemary Wells (who is awesome).

Ruby is a 7-year-old bunny who takes care of her little brother Max.  We’re not sure how old he is, but he only says one word per episode.  There are no parents ever mentioned, so Ruby has all the responsibility of making sure her mischievous brother stays out of trouble while trying to accomplish various tasks.  She is extremely patient and creative in trying to distract him while, say, making dinner or chatting with her friends.

Before we discovered this show, Violet was often bent on destroying Graham, and Graham was often terrified.  Now, she spends her day taking care of him, Ruby style,  and practices being sweet, helpful and  clever in getting him to follow direction.  Whenever the situation disintegrates, a quick “What would Ruby do?” often snaps her out of a tantrum and into big sister mode.  (I should really learn how to change my mindset as quickly as Violet does.)

It has been amazing.  Granted, I’m sure there is some kind of developmental milestone that went along with this relationship change.  But “Max and Ruby” has really been a catalyst.  So I’m running with it.  I’ll try not to worry that they insist on calling each other, and themselves, Max and Ruby about 50% of the time.


We don’t have cable, but we discovered the show from the video library at Family Connections.

6 responses to “WWRD?”

  1. reen

    YES! Max and Ruby rock! I never really thought about it in terms of a tool for sibling rivalry but it’s true!

  2. julie

    we might have to start watching this show…my 3 yo is constantly bent on destroying the 17 mo old!! ahhhh!!!

  3. Lynda Quintana

    Hey, Z loves that show when we were there last week. 🙂

  4. Granny

    I have totally noticed the difference! Thank God for catalysts!

  5. Regina

    This is one of Rylee’s favorite shows…and I often find myself humming the theme song once a day. Although there’s no siblings, it works well in regards to cousins.

  6. Melanie

    Ooooh, we don’t care for Max and Ruby over here. Harry went through a phase of watching it in the early (sicky sick) days of my pregnancy with Laurel and we noticed that after a few days, Harry had taken to speaking in one-word sentences a la Max. A definite regression in his mad verbal skillz. My husband also took issue with the fact that the males (at least the boys) in the cartoon are monosyllabic (the older boy bunny only says “uh-huh” and “unh-unh”).

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