Anyone going to Europe?

Because if you are, could you pick up a package of size 4 Pampers with me and Graham on it?

Yes, 10 months after the last photo shoot, Proctor & Gamble finally made their decision.  According to the photographer, it’s the picture of Graham stacking a block on my head.  I wonder if I’ll ever get to see this picture, or the extras that the photographer promised she’d send.  But I have to admit the timing is excellent.  We’re actually going to be able to replace our dying refridgerator with my half of the money (hey, I was in the picture too!).  And the other half will go in Graham’s 529 education fund.  (Yes, we finally opened them.  So if Bill Gates is reading this, feel free to donate, otherwise we’ll have to force Graham to model his way through college.)


I do recognize the irony in putting a cloth diapered kid on a package of disposables.  So I’m going to post more on that later, to keep karma from kicking my ass.

6 responses to “Anyone going to Europe?”

  1. Granny

    It’s just way too cool! Do you have an agent yet???

  2. Melanie

    Why does it have to be ironic/karmically bankrupting? We do cloth and disposables, and I’m sure a lot of others do.

    Anyway, enjoy your new refrigerator! And I think Jodi Egerton’s going to Europe in August. Maybe she can hook you up.

  3. V&G's Uncle Bill

    Let me know when the product will be on store shelves over there… my friend Pete lives in France with his family and I’m sure he could send us a couple of boxes!

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  5. Auntie Grams

    I have some friends going to Euope in September.

  6. Auntie Grams


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