striped thumb

So apparently my thumbs are green and black striped.  Or maybe plaid.  It’s very complicated.  All I know is that after the Spring Flood ’09, some seeds in our flower bed came up, and some never appeared.  Those that did grow were in completely different places from the original site, or in a big clump (thanks to my 4-year old assistant gardener).  So I just ran with the chaos motif and threw in a few tomato and pepper plants, along with some leftover bean seeds.

My raised bed is plagued by insects.  Aphids on my spinach, something leaving lacy skeletal bok-choy, and my sugar snap peas are dripping with powdery mildew and potato bugs.  At least I got the satisfaction of watching Graham inhale every pea that we picked off those vines before they succumbed.  My artichoke plant, on the other hand, is taking over the bed and has produced four artichokes in just the past few days.  The broccoli I planted nearby can’t compete, however.


My herb garden can’t keep up with my basil and italian parsley habit.  The cilantro never came up and the chives seem to be in stasis.  (But really, what would I use chives for anyway?)  So I threw a few more beans in the empty spaces.

Graham helped me plant some baby pumpkin seeds in a pot.  He enjoys the idea of manure and thinks saying “cow poop” is just about the best thing ever.  Violet and I grew out some nasty old potato eyes and planted them in another big pot.  We hilled them yesterday since they’re blooming like crazy.  She also threw some beans in the sand box.  They’re growing just fine.

As for the tepee, oh the battle.  After two months, 5 seed packets and an epic struggle against the elements and my Grim Reaper gardening style, we finally have a crop of morning glory climbing the bamboo poles.  Supposedly morning glory is an insidious plant nearly impossible to kill.  Oh really.

I should have planted beans.

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  1. Granny

    My garden is being attacked too. Plus everything has powdery mildew. BooHoo.

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