easier and easier… kind of

It’s true!  It does get easier!  Case in point:

Violet can’t quite read yet, but she sure can follow directions.  (When the end results benefit her, of course).  On Saturdays and Sundays we leave this note on our closed door.


Then she knows that she can go to the fridge, get her pre-made (un-spill-able) breakfast, bring it to the (usually forbidden) living room, turn on the TV and press play on the remote control.  This buys us about 30 minutes extra sleep!  A miracle!  And she loves it.  In fact, one Saturday morning we heard her door open, footsteps in front of our room, a pause, then a whispered “YES!” and the quick padding of pajamed feet running to the kitchen.

It’s a whole new world of independence and big-kid stuff.  And a whole new world of parental navigation.  Case in point:  Yesterday Violet walked past our old snoozing cat and suddenly burst into tears.  “Mommy, when I grow up and live in a different house I want to take Pearl with me.  I’ll miss her so so much!”  Of course, I told her she could… even though Pearl will be 23 years old by then.

3 responses to “easier and easier… kind of”

  1. Granny

    Aw!! It does get easier and more fun. I’m so thankful that I get to live close!!!

  2. Amber

    This is FANTASTIC!!!!!! The 14 year old can finally get himself together in the morning, but he is unlikely to volunteer to help Carmen at 6:30 … guess I’ll just have to wait …

  3. Kami

    What smart parents. Great idea.

    One of my happiest moments ever in my life was when my five year old got up out of bed, went to the kitchen, and poured himself a bowl of cheerios. And didn’t come talk to us at all.

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