mothers’ day gift ideas

So, every year for Mother’s Day I get a National Geographic subscription (yup… I’m nerdy like that) and a date with Rob (what? no kids? what kind of mother are you?).  I’m pretty easy to please.

But maybe I should make it more exciting for whomever wants to shop for me.  And by exciting, I mean Auction.  Yes, I have been drooling over a lot of stuff at the Ike-a-saurus on-line auction.  Mostly the photography page.  Since I’m often the one behind the camera, pictures of me are few and far between; especially ones that I like.  So to have a professional follow me and the family around to get some good shots of all four of us would be awesome.

And on that same auction page is the Trek Pod GO, a generous donation to the Baby Ike cause from my Dad’s company.  I have the original Trek Pod and I can’t tell you how often it has come in handy over the years.  As I’ve said before, it’s a walking staff that transforms into a tripod in about ten seconds.  For us, that means I use it to keep from falling to my death while hiking with a 30+ pound kid on my back.  Then when I want to snap a picture I flip open the tripod, pop on the camera and click the shutter before the kids can even start to whine.  Nice.  If you loose your chance for a Trek Pod in the auction, go on over to the site and plug in the code “HIIDEA” for a 25% discount.

Meanwhile, keep in mind the Ike-a-saurus auction for your Mothers’ day shopping excitement.  Either on-line or the super fun live event on May 2nd (I will be there!).  A gift to your mama could help another mama.  How great is that?

Happy Mother’s Day… from my family to yours.


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  1. Granny

    LOL!! That’s the funniest thing I’ve seen all day!

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