happy birthday little boy


Yes, Graham is 2 years old… which I find odd since I’m pretty sure he was born about 30 seconds ago.

I keep waiting for his “difficult stage” to start.  But so far he is all about being amiable and affectionate.  Granted, he’ll automatically answer any yes/no question with a “NO”.  And every task is “I do it myself”.   But, I mean, he’s two.  That’s his job.  Generally any request from us is met with a cheery “okay!”  At his recent check-up he was more than happy to let the doctor do his job and barely made a peep during his shot.  (27 pounds, 2′ 11″. 50th% for anyone keeping stats)

True to his Mr. Sensitive role, he is terrified of bugs and plagued by nightmares.  I am hoping that Violet will help him get over these fears, since it crushes me to see him scared.

Basically, we have the cutest, sweetest, funniest, smartest most squeezable little boy on the planet.  And that is a totally scientific fact based on years of research, so don’t bother disputing it.

4 responses to “happy birthday little boy”

  1. Granny

    Yup! I totally agree!

  2. Amber

    That is most wonderful picture I have ever seen! I love it. And while I was quite sure I have the cutest, sweetest, funniest, smartest most squeezable little boys on the planet, I will admit that perhaps they can all tie. Love you guys, Amber

  3. Stacy C

    What a great picture of your family. I can’t believe Graham is two. Where does the time go??

  4. Granny

    This photo should be in a parenting magazine or family marketing piece. It’s great!

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