Graham on Twitter


Yes, it’s about that time.  Graham will be 2 soon so clearly he needs his own shiny new twitter account.  I swear we’re not just trying to be trendy.  It really is a great way to have a record of what they say, because, let’s face it, I can’t remember what I ate for breakfast most days.

Meanwhile, here are some of Violet’s latest.  Graham isn’t there yet, but soon.

  • I’m dancing, Daddy is taking care of Graham, Mommy is watering plants and drinking wine. Everything is right!
  • Graham, if you keep continuing, I will not be able to continue.
  • Graham, I can’t wait until you are the same age as me. Then I’ll name you Violet.
  • (pretending to be a story-time librarian) “I had this book when I was a kid. I loved it so much, I ate it.
  • My brain wants me to do this… but I did this instead. Now my brain is mad at me.
  • I can’t wait until Graham is two. Then he’ll listen.
  • (Serious voice) Mom. Some people from my school are from DIFFERENT PLANETS. Like Mars. And Jupiter.
  • (seeing that mom and dad have finished dinner early) OK, you guys are done, you can go play with each other now.
  • I think it’s going to be a perfect day. We’re going to make everyone in the whole world Valentine’s cards!
  • Fire ants aren’t allergic to cats.
  • Me and Graham can sit on the same blanket because we love each other SO much… we can’t even understand.
  • Graham, you are the disgustingest boy in the world.
  • Graham eats the skin of every meal.
  • Sometimes I call Graham “Ernie” for short.
  • What does it mean when a chair changes into a bicycle?
  • Graham saw a picture of Oma and Apa and he said “Oma and Apa.” He’s correctly right!
  • Bread Girl and Butter Boy… attack!
  • First your ears… (checks my ears with toy doctor tools…) Looks good — no chemicals!
  • (noting the stubble in the bathtub) Did Daddy peel his beard today?
  • (While helping G into his carseat) Hi Graham. I’m your assistant, Violet the Buckler.
  • I’m gonna hug you ’til your head pops off!
  • Daddy, it’s a good thing you have a lot of hair. Around your face.
  • If I wear all purple, the sky will turn purple too. Well… for a short time.
  • (seeing Rob wearing a tie) “Daddy, what’s that thing around your neck?
  • Me and Evie are going to get married. But we’ll still be friends.
  • Violet-English dictionary entry: Flock of People = Paper Dolls
  • This pizza frightened my tongue.
  • I’m a special girl. I know everything about everything in the whole world.
  • Daddy, when a baby comes out of a tummy, it can’t go back in, right?
  • Graham, you can’t watch too much TV or your head will break.
  • (while discussing belly buttons) “I have an inlet and Graham has an outlet!
  • Mommy, you can’t dance. You’re NOT the president.
  • Graham, you think the world is FULL of surprises.
  • Will I always be a girl?
  • What if my mouth fell off? What if my eyes popped out? What if our whole family’s hands fell off?
  • I want Barack Obama to come over to our house. I want to play with the president!
  • I’m an expert at doing things well.
  • Mommy, I work better with Graham. I don’t need you here.
  • I flushed my pee so my poo could have personal space.
  • I like to destroy things.
  • after seeing Graham pee on the floor, “Whatever. He’s just a baby.”


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  1. Nanda

    Hilarious! The joys of having an incredibly verbal child. I find Violet’s vocabulary awe-inspiring.

  2. Aaand how about a post that’s actually really new?

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