Oh the humanity!

We need the rain.  REALLY bad.  So I was thrilled that we got a bit yesterday and today.  Maybe 2 inches?  Yay garden!

WRONG.  Turns out the gutters were a little stopped up (strange, since there are no trees in the back).  So a Niagra Falls dumped itself on my tiny seedlings.  Behold the carnage:


Not only that, but the water rushed down the bed and poured through a break in the railroad ties.


Now, if anything else sprouts, it will be in a big clump on my lawn.


5 responses to “Oh the humanity!”

  1. Granny

    It will be okay.

  2. Nancy

    OMG! I am so angry for you.

  3. Chris Kardos

    So upsetting! I’m really rooting for these damn plants (I don’t even know why?)

    Rooting for rooting?

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